Dog Friendly Daycations – Rockland Lake State Park and Nyack Beach

Being raised in Rockland County for most of my childhood/teen life, I feel like I had taken advantage of the beautiful Hudson Valley area. Looking back, I did some hikes and explore some terrain while I lived there, but the older I get  the more scenery I feel I’ve discovered (perhaps because I was too occupied with being a teenager at the Palisades Mall!). My fiance and myself  love to take day trips out of Brooklyn to anywhere we can get to within two hours, so I called my mom (who is now residing in the beautiful Pocono Mountains) if she had any suggestions for a nice hike. She recommended Rockland State Park being only 50 minutes from Williamsburg, Brooklyn where we currently reside pointing out that they had trails with beautiful look out points. Continue reading

The Sensation Collective’s “Best of” 2011 – trips, festivals, & NYC favorites

It’s the end of the year and that can only mean a few things: thinking up resolutions you won’t stick to, emailing relatives you never speak to thanking them for sending you a holiday card of their children you’ve never met (or in my case, dogs), and “Best Of” lists – which is truly the best of all 3 mentioned above.  Andy and myself spent all morning recapping our favorite events SHAW Promotion has been involved with this year and what we came up with was a really fun year. I am so grateful that I get to do such interesting things because of my line of work and also just in every day activities, so I thought it would only be appropriate to make a personal list of my favorite things that happened in 2011 to end this year properly.  This actually came very easy for me because I photograph almost every thing I do/attend, so all I had to do was look through my iPhoto at pictures from this past year  which was a blast. (Note to self: New new year’s resolution, start using Light Room.) Continue reading