Dog friendly vacations – Ocean Bay Park, Fire Island NY

Ah vacation: beaches, friends, relaxation, and spending a whole lot of money on everything/nothing. This past week Andy and I were invited by good friend and colleague to spend 5 days with his 10 friends in a beautiful house 1 hour outside of New York City; the best part is there is no cars allowed anywhere on the island (minus 1 cop car I saw).  We spent every day waking up thinking “beach” or “bike ride” or “both!”; the only way to really escape is to not have anything to do. The downfall of the trip was how expensive the local markets were (6 pack of Amstel was $15.99!), but between so many great cooks in the house it really turned out to be worthwhile eating in every night, which made the meal varieties so diverse and delicious (and very vegetarian friendly, thanks guys!). The dogs got a little sun sick, Andy fought a ceiling fan and lost, and we had to put out a few grease fires but nothing beats laying in a large kiddie pool while drinking a daiquiri after taking an outdoor shower, 5 days in a row.  On second thought, the gay section of Fire Island (Cherry Grove and the Pines) kind of beats it.

I’ve gotten my Flickr up and running, so for more photos you can click here.