My favorite things about yesterday

With summer nearly over and all of my seasonal vacations taken, I’m trying to still find fun things to do before it gets cold and snowy again.  Summer Screen at McCarren Park is not only free, but has tons of local vendors, such as Mexicule, serving up amazing food and beer for extremely reasonable prices (hello $4 tall cans of  Six Point!).  If you’re like me and like to pack an old fashion picnic, the security there seems to turn a blind eye to bringing in outside food and beverages (and herbal refreshments).   This week they showed Jurassic Park (and tons of people showed up in dinosaur/ranger costumes!) and the next two Wednesdays will be Wayne’s World and Clueless, so pack a bottle and a sandwich, bring a blanket and a friend, dress up if you dare, and please remember to clean up after yourself!  Did I mention it’s dog friendly?  Pictures of other a favorite things that happened later that night included below.

Friends I see only a few times a year, mostly at Summer Screen

People who know how to have a good time

Dogs that look exactly like my Elvis

Emily and empanadas, mmm

Random group shots with dinosaurs

Thea doesn’t love petting snakes

Friends in love

Friends in love with Marc Jacobs purses

Friends in love with getting their pictures taken

Recently married lovers

Friends in love with with hugs

Young Life in Brooklyn

Is this thing on?  Hello?  Oh hey there. Obviously I have a lot of progress to make on this blog, but I promise you this will soon be filled with cute pictures of dogs, my friends doing silly things, travel photos, delicious recipes (and photos of me eating it), New York City happenings, articles I find stimulating online, and anything else I can take a picture of.  By creating this space for me to upload my life, I hope to find out more about myself and also discover new things about a city that can feel so small.  I guess the most appropriate first post should be a little bit about what makes me tick, so let’s start with me.

The JaiDee Valentine Sensation Collective which is made up of all things myself past, present, and whatever comes next.

And then there’s my wonderful boyfriend, Andy, who is the apple of my eye.  He runs his own business in marketing and promotion (which I also work for) and works really hard around the clock, so usually you will catch him like this checking his phone.  Other passions of his include: motorcycles and everything to do with them, our two dogs, traveling, and laughing.  Since we work together in our home office most of the day, it’s really a relief to have someone around who can make light of any situation; he has more shenanigans than Carrot Top.

There’s Elvis, 3 years old, who I’m convinced is a pig dressed as a dog. He loves all things boy: balls, sticks, eating, drooling, and eating puppies.

Thea is our older Boston Terrier who is definitely the princess in the family. We call her “See ya, Thea” because she is constantly taking off trying to find pillows or couches to rest on.

Then there’s a few crazy best friends whom I’ve been through hell and high water with and would (and have!) given up the shirt off my own back to.



That’s a good start.  Oh, and I bought the domain name for a year, so I have a lot of work to do!