Photo Op of the Day Bikini Carwash with Tyburn Saints and Kentucky Knife Fight

Okay, so this is cheating a little bit, but I make the rules of this page so I say this post counts as a “Photo Op of the Day” – I had to sort through over 500 photos I had shot of this last night at Southpaw in Brooklyn. Bikini Carwash is one of the two bands my boyfriend Andy plays bass in. Check out the full post on my other blog, “SHAW Time”, for more photos and fun from this show.


Photo Op of the Day is here!!

I feel like I’ve been slacking on keeping up with my blog and not because I don’t want to, I just have too much to do for SHAW PROMOTION site that I ultimately feel uncreative when I come over to the Sensation collective side.  In order to fix that, I’ve decided to post a “Photo Op of the Day”  that I’ve taken at some point onto the Sensation Collective to keep it moving and shaking; and to remind us why life is fun. Besides, silly photos are the reason I continue take my camera everywhere, sorting through hundreds of photos almost every night.  To really kick things off, I’m going to throw up THREE amazing shots today.  I do apologize in advance to anyone offended by these photos (especially the people in them!), however just remember it’s all in good fun. Enjoy!