Dog Friendly Daycations – Rockland Lake State Park and Nyack Beach

Being raised in Rockland County for most of my childhood/teen life, I feel like I had taken advantage of the beautiful Hudson Valley area. Looking back, I did some hikes and explore some terrain while I lived there, but the older I get  the more scenery I feel I’ve discovered (perhaps because I was too occupied with being a teenager at the Palisades Mall!). My fiance and myself  love to take day trips out of Brooklyn to anywhere we can get to within two hours, so I called my mom (who is now residing in the beautiful Pocono Mountains) if she had any suggestions for a nice hike. She recommended Rockland State Park being only 50 minutes from Williamsburg, Brooklyn where we currently reside pointing out that they had trails with beautiful look out points. Continue reading

The Sensation Collective’s “Best of” 2011 – trips, festivals, & NYC favorites

It’s the end of the year and that can only mean a few things: thinking up resolutions you won’t stick to, emailing relatives you never speak to thanking them for sending you a holiday card of their children you’ve never met (or in my case, dogs), and “Best Of” lists – which is truly the best of all 3 mentioned above.  Andy and myself spent all morning recapping our favorite events SHAW Promotion has been involved with this year and what we came up with was a really fun year. I am so grateful that I get to do such interesting things because of my line of work and also just in every day activities, so I thought it would only be appropriate to make a personal list of my favorite things that happened in 2011 to end this year properly.  This actually came very easy for me because I photograph almost every thing I do/attend, so all I had to do was look through my iPhoto at pictures from this past year  which was a blast. (Note to self: New new year’s resolution, start using Light Room.) Continue reading

SHAW Promotion and Crown Victoria present “Let ‘Em Blink”, an X-Mas Eve Extravaganza feat. Alex English

Whoo Hoo!  I’m throwing a party!


Staying in NYC for the holidays? Tired of spending X-Mas Eve by yourself in a shitty dive bar? Don’t celebrate Christmas? Come dance the night away at Crown Victoria! Filled with massive amounts of string lights, jubilee treats, and a festive photo booth (are you naughty or nice?), we have the perfect set up for holiday bliss.

with DJ
DJ Alex English (of Girls & Boys, Electric Zoo)

Hosted by
JaiDee Valentine (SHAW Promotion)
Andy Shaw (SHAW Promotion)

Festive Photo Booth by
Jess Star (Shoot Stars Pro)

**Holiday Drink Specials ALL NIGHT LONG!!**

Official drop off location for New York Cares Coat Drive
PLEASE Bring your gently used coat (men, women, and children) to drop off in the box because sharing is caring.

Crown Vic Kitchen open until 11PM

Click HERE for the official link via SHAW Promotion for more details!

RSVP to attend Yelle’s official after party in Brooklyn!

My friend, Nicky Digital, is proud to announce that he will be hosting the French pop sensation, Yelle, ‘s official NYC after party.  She’s performing Friday, December 9 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (which is completely sold out) and is then heading over to Loreley to DJ the night away.   I have loved Yelle from the first time I heard  “Je veux te voir” and was lucky enough to see her perform at Hiro Ballroom a few years ago.  Now she’s back in NYC on her world tour and Nicky is offering free admission (with an RSVP) to get into the after party.

Use this link  to sign yourself up for a real fun treat, courtesy of SHAW Promotion.



Dog friendly “Day”cations: Fort Totten, NY

Yesterday Andy and myself had the opportunity to get away from our crazy work schedule and try find peace in the fast moving New York City, so we booked it to the north tip of Queens and resided at Fort Totten Park for the day. Said to be designed by Robert E. Lee, Fort Totten was designed to be a Civil War fortress, used as an air defense site in the 1950’s, and is now mostly a NYC public park. What’s unique about this place is you can still walk through the old ruins of the soilder barracks and cottages, which are now abondoned and extremely creepy. You can also sign a waiver and walk through the tunnels that lead out to the Long Island Sound, giving you a water view of the fort (the tunnel closes at 4pm, so we didn’t get to this though as we discovered it too late). Not only is it dog friendly, but on a Sunday afternoon it was so quiet and vacant, it almost seemed as if we were the first to discover this beautiful piece of NYC history. We took the car up, which was a 25 minute drive from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, however we did see a few MTA busses stop right out front, so this is definitely an accessible day trip for those of you without your own transportation. Pack a lunch, bring your dogs, and don’t forget your camera, because every direction was photo opportunity!

How is it that the first world has an oversupply of food, while 1 in 7 in the world go malnourished?

This super cute video meant for kids answers the question we all are searching the answer for, however many of us don’t know we need to look for this answer since the government controls how we perceive our food market. More sharing, more HUMAN interest. also breaks down the video in an easy to swallow read. What’s your view on our worlds’ food supply?  Maybe vegetarians are on to something more powerful than “save the animals”.

Photo Op of the Day Bikini Carwash with Tyburn Saints and Kentucky Knife Fight

Okay, so this is cheating a little bit, but I make the rules of this page so I say this post counts as a “Photo Op of the Day” – I had to sort through over 500 photos I had shot of this last night at Southpaw in Brooklyn. Bikini Carwash is one of the two bands my boyfriend Andy plays bass in. Check out the full post on my other blog, “SHAW Time”, for more photos and fun from this show.


SHAW Promotion gets you going

Live in New York City? Love going out? Actually doing cool stuff? For free?! The company I work for, SHAW Promotion, knows all the ins and outs of everything cool in NYC (and surrounding!) and has made it really easy for you to find out what they are and how to gain free entry!  Check out the blog I run, “SHAW Time”, for event reviews and photos, our Calendar page for shows and events, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for weekly updates and  how you can win tickets to huge happenings like these we’ve given away in the past:

Gotham Girls Roller Derby
All Tomorrow’s Parties
Electric Zoo
The Big Up Festival
Afro Punk Festival
Ars Nova Music Marathon
Green Shoelace
NYC Zombie Crawl, Dorney Park
Down and Derby Roller Disco
Girls and Boys at Webster Hall
NY Burlesque Festival
Bootie NY
…and more!


Happy Anniversary, my love, my life

Photo by Beau States

Happy Anniversary to the family I love and cherish every minute of every day. To the man who is always there for me, constantly trying to keep my happy, and never misses a moment to tell me how important I am to him.  The man who still opens the car door for me, brings me home flowers more often than not, and has helped me upgrade every aspect of my life. The man who wakes me up with a fresh cup of coffee every morning, brings home a 5 lb bag of gummy bears (cause a small one isn’t enough!), and tucks me into bed every night. The man who has given me 2 beautiful dogs, a very clean home, and a new outlook on life.

I love you very much.  You have made my dreams come true and I eagerly look forward to what every new day brings, knowing you will be there by my side.