Happy Anniversary, my love, my life

Photo by Beau States

Happy Anniversary to the family I love and cherish every minute of every day. To the man who is always there for me, constantly trying to keep my happy, and never misses a moment to tell me how important I am to him.  The man who still opens the car door for me, brings me home flowers more often than not, and has helped me upgrade every aspect of my life. The man who wakes me up with a fresh cup of coffee every morning, brings home a 5 lb bag of gummy bears (cause a small one isn’t enough!), and tucks me into bed every night. The man who has given me 2 beautiful dogs, a very clean home, and a new outlook on life.

I love you very much.  You have made my dreams come true and I eagerly look forward to what every new day brings, knowing you will be there by my side.

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