Are we on our own now? Americans cheer for letting an uninsured fellow citizen die

This is just terrible!  Audience members at the CNN/Tea Party debate last night cheered after Ron Paul was asked by Wolf Blitzer if he would let a healthy 30 year old American male who is a valued part of society die,if the situation arose, because of his personal decision not to purchase over priced health insurance.   Not only does this reaction from the audience (and the candidate) show the lack of respect that we as people have for each other, but it makes me very nervous to be part of such an animalistic society where don’t give a damn about one other.  Now I do not follow politics on a day to day basis and I’d even go as far to say that I feel I fall into a particular political party , but I try to tune in on important issues from time to time when I feel I can relate.  Although Ron Paul responded with a few key words such as “freedom” and “American”, I do not think counter dismisses the fact that our country needs a leader we can ultimately rely on, not leave us behind.  And for all of those who feel this question was a set up to make the Republicans look bad, it is questions like this that give us important information when making decisions for millions of people.   Whatever happened to the UNITED States of America?

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